TOP 5 Amazing Gordon Ramsay Recipes That Foodies Need To Try

You’ve seen him on Hell’s Kitchen and watched him work pure magic on Kitchen Nightmares, but how much do you really know about Chef Ramsay? His reputation for food perfection precedes him and he exudes confidence in every way, but does that really mean his recipes are up to par with his attitude? Simply put, the answer is “yes”. In fact, the answer is more like “absolutely, without a doubt, wholeheartedly, yes“. Gordon Ramsay has built a legacy on his no-nonsense kitchen attitude but when it comes down to it, he’s a gifted chef with plenty to teach others through his cooking and by extension, his own recipes. And yes, they really are as good as they sound.

Food is a powerful tool and can evoke feelings of the past, a sense of happiness, and can be a source of comfort to many. It brings together family and friends and will create memories that no other hobby can really come close to. All of these things are clearly evident through Ramsay’s recipes and it’s quite obvious that it’s not just food to him, it’s a lifestyle. We’ve sorted through some of his best recipes in order to bring that sense of home and comfort to you. There is no reason that you can’t be a pro and master these classics simply because you’re not a certified chef. You’ll find something for everyone in this collection; anything from staple breakfast dishes to decadent desserts and everything in between. Happy cooking!

1. His “Best Scrambled Eggs” Are The Best For A Reason

In culinary school, you’ll reach a point in learning about classic cuisine from France where your instructor will finally come clean and tell you the secret of good food: Butter. While this is obviously not 100% accurate and isn’t always the key (rarely, though), the key to these perfect scrambled eggs is a heaping three tablespoons of butter. Make sure it’s good butter — not something that’s cut with more water than fatty content. Crème fraîche is your other best friend on the way to the most blissful scrambled egg experience of your life.

2. Let’s Talk Desert: 4-Minute Chocolate Mousse

Let’s face it: Chocolate is the best thing in the world next to hot showers and sheets fresh out of the dryer. The only thing better than chocolate itself is a four-minute chocolate mousse. Not only is this recipe quick, but it’s absolutely divine. The first attempt will likely take you just over four minutes but come on… A dessert in ten minutes or less? Sign us up! This recipe incorporates 70% (at least) dark chocolate and double cream whipped together to create the most luxurious mousse you’ve ever had. For those who aren’t comfortable with baking and can’t be bothered to spend hours mixing and measuring, this recipe was tailor-made for you.

3. Ground Sirloin Is Key To His Ultimate Burger

While Ramsay has several different keys to what the “ultimate” burger is, this recipe is simple and uncomplicated. It takes ground sirloin to a whole new level and makes use of ingredients you’ll likely already have in your pantry. It’s chock full of flavor so if you’re ready to board the bus to what Guy Fieri refers to as “Flavor Town”, then buckle up and head to your local grocery. Two more pro tips for you when making burgers: Never flatten them with the back of the spatula (we know it’s tempting), and always let your meat rest for several minutes before serving to lock in those juices.

4. Don’t Fear Risotto, Embrace It: Ramsay’s Wild Mushroom Risotto

When the term “risotto” comes up in conversation — we’re not sure when it would but when it does — people usually cringe at the thought of making it themselves. It’s unclear why risotto has such a reputation for being challenging to make but we can only presume it’s due to the specific nature of its cooking process. In reality, there’s nothing complicated about it and it’s rather therapeutic if you have 20 minutes to spare at the stove. This wild mushroom risotto is the perfect dish to make on those cold, wintery nights. It’ll warm you up from the inside out and make you feel as though all is right in the world, something we could all use a little of now and then. Don’t fear the arborio rice, it’s powerless in the face of your newfound confidence!

5. Chicken Is Just Better When It’s Stuffed

Looking for an elevated take on your weeknight chicken dinner? Rather than serve your stuffing on the side, just stick it in your chicken! This recipe takes some prep and comes to you in the form of two steps, but it’s completely worth it. The flavor is unreal and you’ll probably never look at chicken the same way again after experiencing this goodness. Also, if you haven’t met chorizo yet? Make your acquaintance with it and get comfortable, because you’ll never be able to stop thinking about it once you have it in this dish… Your family will thank you.

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